Restaurant POS System

Harbortouch Hospitality is a top rated restaurant POS system designed specifically for restaurants, fast casual, quick service restaurants (QSR), fine dining, cafés, pizza shops and so much more. Turn tables faster, sell more, and run your business like a pro.

POS System for Restaurants by Harbortouch

Harbortouch Restaurant POS endorsed by Jon Taffer

“In my extensive experience, I have found Harbortouch POS solution to be the undisputed leader in the industry. Their POS system is really unparalleled in terms of both price and capabilities. Despite the low cost, their solution delivers high-end equipment with cutting-edge software and is backed by 24/7 support and a lifetime warranty. It’s a no-brainer!”

Jon Taffer

Executive Producer & Host of Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue”

Restaurant POS System

Your Full-Service Restaurant POS
at a Price That Can’t Be Beat!

You work hard to make your restaurant successful; shouldn’t your POS company have all the benefits you need to grow?  We think so too, and that’s why Harbortouch was the first company to offer a full-featured POS software and hardware program with no upfront cost to help restauranteurs get the equipment and tools they need to manage their business successfully.

We know running a busy restaurant can be challenging.  Margins are going to be thin, competition is stiff, and servicing customers is going to be stressful at times.  Our solution enables your servers to have a smooth and efficient solution to take orders and accept payments fast, securely and reliably. In turn, you’ll empower your servers to be more productive, flip more tables, sell more high-profit menu items, and you’ll be one happy owner.

Increase Sales and Improve Service

Increase sales with all the features and functions you need to succeed.  We’ve loaded our system with features to serve you well!  What’s the point of running a restaurant if you’re not making a profit?

Here are only a few features to boost your revenue.  We make it easy to increase average check size with menu modifiers to upsell items. Keep customers coming back by tracking previous order history and provide loyalty discounts to your repeat customers. Open bar tabs without a hassle and encouraging your customers to spend more.

Improve service with table management built for speed.  Easily transfer tickets, split checks, change tables, and reorder items with the touch of a button.  Accept all payment types including EMV to give your customers peace of mind.  Use the built-in messaging system to communicate with staff at the login screen.  See below for some additional features.

Hospitality Point of Sale

  • No Up-Front Costs
  • Lifetime Hardware Warranty
  • Built-in Reservation System
  • Free Menu Programming
  • Free Onsite Installation
  • Comprehensive Training
  • 24 Hour US Tech Support
  • Unlimited Free Paper Supplies


Easy Menu Setup

Real-time menu edits and updates. No more shutting down your system to update your menu.  Customize your menu with our intuitive and user-friendly menu editor.  Enjoy unlimited menu items, menu categories, and modifiers.

Simple Order Management

It’s easy for users and management to manage orders.

  • Transfer Tickets
  • Split Checks
  • Change Tables
  • Change Quantities or Prices
  • Repeat Ordered Items
  • Manage Gratuity and Taxes

Customer History Database

The customer database allows you to view the order history of customers and their contact information.  Your best customers can be identified and this is a great feature for targeting customers with a loyalty program.

Open Bar Tabs

Easily open and manage bar tabs for your customers.  Allowing customers to open bar tabs encourages more spending and that means more money in your pocket.  Enjoy easy happy hour setup for your bar menu.

Fresh Sheet Inventory

A critical feature for your restaurant and bar management system is inventory control.  With Fresh Sheet you can view and monitor your inventory in real-time.  Monitor your inventory on-hand and receive low level notifications .

Dynamic Pricing

Flexible pricing options to quickly and easily create coupons, manual comps, and automatic discounts.  You can also easily apply happy hours to discounted items whether it’s a percentage or set amount.

Staff Management

No true point of sale system is complete without a full-feature employee management database.  Monitor your staff by managing details on your employees such as hours worked, time-sheet management, overtime, sales, and security permissions.

Table Management

Be a great host too.  Our table management feature will allow you to monitor your table seating by seeing which tables are vacant, occupied, and the number of people at each table.

Internal Messaging System

Communicate with your staff within the POS terminal and add messages to the login screen.  This works excellent for reminding staff to perform specific duties, promote sales of particular items, or merely telling your team to have a great day.

Cloud-Based Management is
Included with Harbortouch Lighthouse

Manage your business and visit your numbers from anywhere in the world with Lighthouse cloud-based management.  This great feature is included with your Harbortouch restaurant pos system.

The Lighthouse remote management tool communicates between your POS and Harbortouch Online which you’ll have access to anywhere you have a broadband connection to the internet.

No more need for that big back-office computer, that always gets in the way, to manage your operations.  You’ll have the freedom to make changes to your menu, manage employee information, and view all your reporting data from anywhere.

  • Access Your Top Reports Remotely
  • Adjust Your Menu Remotely
  • Manage Employees Remotely
  • Online Ordering Integration
  • View Financials and Statements
  • Access Support Videos and Live Chat

Cloud Reporting with Lighthouse

New Add-on Features to Increase your Profits

Harbortouch Reservations - Free Online Reservation System

Harbortouch Reservations

With our reservation feature, you can save $100’s of dollars a month by not having to pay separately for an online reservation system.  Our reservation system is integrated directly into the touchscreen terminal so you can accept reservations manually or online.  HT Reservations is free of charge and included.

Harbortouch Tableside - iPad POS System for Restaurants and Bars

Harbortouch Tableside

Harbortouch Tableside is an app that runs on an Apple iPad giving servers the ability to take orders tableside and send tickets to the kitchen or bar without having to leave the floor.  Mobile tableside ordering has proven to increase server efficiency and to speed up table turns, therefore increase profits.  Coming soon is tableside payments.

Harbortouch Online Ordering - HOLO

Harbortouch Online Ordering

Accept orders online with Harbortouch’s Online Ordering system.  The online ordering system directly integrates into your point of sale.  So when someone places an online order, a ticket is automatically created in the POS providing a very seamless user experience.

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