Harbortouch Echo POS

Echo POS System
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Small Footprint. Big Performance.

Harbortouch Echo® POS for small business provides everything you need from a traditional POS system with the intuitiveness and compact design of a tablet.

Harbortouch Echo POS - POS System for Small Business

Harbortouch Echo Point of Sale System for Small Business

The Perfect POS Solution for
Small Business – Only $39 Per Month

Streamline your operations with Harbortouch Echo!  Echo is the perfect point of sale system for small businesses including quick service restaurants, small retail shops, coffee shops, donut shops, yogurt shops, concessions stands, food trucks and much more.  Any company that is using a cash register can upgrade to Echo with ease.

Echo has three different modes from simple to robust including a basic calculator for quick sales, a common cash register mode, and a full function POS system for more options.  Our software is module-based and allows you to hide the features not needed by your business.  We have any size business covered with advanced POS features like unlimited categories, items, and modifiers.  And with integrated credit card processing, accepting payments is a breeze.

With an easy sign-up process, no up-front costs and one phone number to call for 24/7 service and support, we’ve just made life 1000% easier for you to replace your old cash register or to buy a new POS.

  • Only $39 Per Month
  • Intuitive Tablet Interface
  • Free EMV & NFC Reader
  • Cloud-Based Management
  • Cloud Reporting
  • NFC, EMV, Mobile Pay
  • Comprehensive Training
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Simple Setup Wizard
  • Full Remote Update Capability

Harbortouch Echo POS System for Small Business


Harbortouch Echo POS System for Small Business

Additional accessory options include:

  • Remote Printer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Digital Scale

Sleek Design

Thin hardware design and cast aluminum body offers a modern look with durability to last.

Perfect Screen Size

Harbortouch Echo offers a 13.3″ touchscreen tablet display this is much larger than most tablets.

180° Screen Rotation

Customers can easily sign on the screen with 180° screen rotation.

Full Range of Motion

Our dual-hinged stand enables you to set the screen at any position or angle for comfortable use.


Harbortouch has advanced reporting features and capabilities so you can take full control of your business.

  • Financial Overview: This is the main overview report showing your daily totals.
  • Ticket Detail: Lists all of your transactions for a certain time period.
  • Item Sales Summary: Provides an overview of your sales of all items.
  • Sales Summary By: Provides an overview of sales, filterable by department, item, employee, order type and customer.
  • Tender Type Summary: Lists the number of transactions for each tender type.
  • Quantity on Hand: Shows you how many of each item you have in stock.
  • Sales & Labor Summary: Provides a breakdown of sales and labor by hour.
  • Labor by Employee: Shows each employee’s overall hours worked.
  • Labor by Employee by Job: Shows each employee’s overall hours worked and which job they were working during that time.
  • Labor Detail: Shows exactly when your employees clocked in and out, what job they were working, total hours, and total paid time.
  • Employee Directory: Lists all of your employees in the system.
  • Tax Form 4070: Shows all of your employees’ cash and credit tips.
  • Discount Summary: Shows you how much you have discounted in total.

Harbortouch Lighthouse

Cloud-Based Remote Management

Harbortouch Lighthouse remote cloud-based management tool that is a time-saver and dare we say a life-saver when it comes to managing your small business POS system.

Lighthouse communicates with your POS system and Harbortouch Online so you can manage your Harbortouch Echo system from anywhere that you have an internet connection. This fantastic feature eliminates the need for a back-office computer at your restaurant giving you the freedom to view your reports, manage your employees, and make changes to your menu from anywhere.

  • Access Your Top Reports Remotely
  • Adjust Your Menu Remotely
  • Manage Employees Remotely
  • View Financials and Statements
  • Access Support Videos and Live Chat

Lighthouse Online Reporting for Harbortouch Bar and Restaurant

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