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Harbortouch is a leading provider of POS solutions in Oakland, California and the Bay Area for bars, restaurants, retail stores, small businesses, and salons. We offer free POS software and hardware with cost-effective credit card processing. With a consultive approach, we come to you to install your Elite POS! Contact us for a quote or complete the questionnaire to compare prices, so you know you’re getting the best deal.

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Oakland, California is well-known for its proximity to San Francisco. And while the economy in Oakland isn’t as tech-focused as its neighbors, it has still benefited from the influx of capital in the area. Oakland has made strident improvements over the past decade – its growing local economy is proof.  The East Bay area has amazing arts and culture, delicious food and drinks, incredible shopping and the nightlife doesn’t dissapoint. If you happen to be a small business owner in the Bay area, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to improve your bottom line. One of the easiest ways to increase revenue and grow your business is to invest in new POS software and hardware.

Thousands of small business owners in the Oakland, California area still use outdated point-of-sale systems which could cause security issues for your business and customers. If you want to ensure that you provide your customers with a customer service experience they’ll appreciate, a new POS system in Oakland is a necessity. Modern point of sale software allows you to integrate all your products and services automatically – it also streamlines payment processes. Your credit card processing is secure with Harbortouch, and cash payments can be received quickly.

It helps improve customer experience, while at the same time reducing the time you waste on administrative tasks. You’ll no longer have to do any manual calculations at the end of the business day – all data is automatically recorded and stored.

The Only Free POS System for Restaurants and Retail

Modern POS systems for bars, restaurants, and retail stores can be expensive – many providers require you to purchase an iPad or computer equipment to use their software. This adds to the total cost of what you’re expected to pay. With Harbortouch, we provide all our clients with free touchscreen devices for your restaurant or retail store. You don’t have to pay anything to use our hardware. Instead, you pay a small licensing fee at the end of each month for the rights to use our software. Our local providers aim to be the most accessible POS provider in the Oakland.

We understand how tight your budget can get as a small business owner. Don’t waste money purchasing devices you don’t need – get a Harbortouch system today!

  • No Upfront Costs
  • Hardware Warranty
  • Free Menu Program
  • Free Local Install
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Paper

The Harbortouch Free POS is a No-Brainer

Small Business Point of Sale Systems in Oakland
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Oakland Companies We Support

If you’re looking for a POS vendor or partner with a local presence in Oakland, Harbortouch is your best option. We already have an established client base in the area – we’ve been working hard to grow our presence in the city. Below are some of the common business types we are resellers for in Oakland:

  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Small Business
  • Clubs and Breweries
  • Delivery Hospitality
  • Liquor Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Salons and Spas

We’re always looking to expand our offerings – if you don’t fit into the above categories, but you need POS systems in the Oakland or East Bay area, Harbortouch can still help. Get in contact with us today to see the types of services we can provide to your business.

Oakland Free POS Installation Onsite

Harbortouch is one of the only POS providers that has an onsite POS specialists in Oakland. We have consultants in the area that come to your business to set up your new hardware. They will also install your new Harbortouch software program on your device. They’ll be able to give you a tutorial on the different features and functions of your new platform. We advise that you invite your staff to the installation day – they need to know how to use the platform as well!

Elite Restaurant Point of Sale Systems Oakland, CA

Give Us a Try for 30 Days Free

If you’re sick of performing mundane administrative tasks in your business, it’s time to give Harbortouch a try for 30 days with no obligations on the point of sale system. With no upfront costs or fees, there is no risk to the business owner. If you want to be able to operate as efficiently as your competitors, it’s time to upgrade. Our Harbortouch POS system platform has been designed to be accessible to a business of any size!

  • No Upfront Costs
  • Lifetime Hardware Warranty
  • Built-For-Purpose Hardware
  • Cloud-Based Reporting
  • Comprehensive Training
  • NFC, EMV, Apple Pay

150,000+ Merchants Can’t Be Wrong  – A Few Of Our Satisfied Customers

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