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Harbortouch is a leading POS company that offers point-of-sale systems in Green Bay, Wisconsin including POS software, equipment, and low-cost credit card processing. Perfect for bars, restaurants, retail shops, small businesses, salons, and more. Our local technician installs your Elite POS for free. Contact us for a quote or complete the questionnaire to compare prices, so you know you’re getting the best deal.

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Green Bay is one of the largest cities in the state of Wisconsin. It is well known around the nation for being home to the Green Bay Packers – it’s the smallest city in the United States to have an NFL franchise. Green Bay is a thriving little city driven by a range of different industries – it’s well known for being one of the largest paper producers in the nation. If you own or operate a small business, retail store, or restaurant in the area, you might be looking at different ways to improve your efficiency with a new POS system in Green Bay.

Investing in a new point of sale system is one of the best ways to understand your retail data and to improve your business’s bottom line. Especially if you’re one of the top restaurants in the area, if you want to speed up your payment processing and reduce the amount of time you waste on producing financial reports, Harbortouch is an excellent option for you.

Unlike many point of sale software companies, Harbortouch is affordable for a business of any size. We provide free hardware devices to our customers – they even come with a lifetime warranty. The only cost our customers pay is a small, monthly licensing fee for the use of our software and hardware. If you want to integrate your business with your POS platform, there’s never been a better time.

Partnerships for the Future

At Harbortouch, we aim to work with our business partners to develop their point of sale systems. We understand that the technology behind our POS software is always changing – that’s why we try and work with our partners long into the future. We want to help your business change as the economy progresses.

If you want a POS provider that has an interest in your business’s future, Harbortouch is your best option.  Visit our homepage to earn more.

  • No Upfront Costs
  • Hardware Warranty
  • Free Menu Program
  • Free Local Install
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Paper

How Our POS Company Works in Green Bay

Green Bay Small Business POS Starting at $29 Per Month

Our Local POS Customers in Green Bay

If you’ve been searching for a POS company that understands the Green Bay economy, you’ve come to the right place. Harbortouch already works with several businesses in the area. We have a deep understanding of what Green Bay companies need to be successful. Below are the Green Bay industries we’re working with at the moment:

We have partners across the nation. If you don’t see yourself on the above list, don’t worry – we’ll be able to help you no matter what type of industry.

Green Bay POS Installation

Another benefit of working with Harbortouch is installation. We provide full-service facilities for all our customers in Green Bay and surrounding cities including Appleton, Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, and Kenosha. It can be intimidating setting up new hardware in your business. If you don’t have much experience with technology, you may end up incorrectly installing your new device.

We have onsite installation experts that come to your business to set up your new system. It’s the best way to be confident your new system is working correctly. Our technicians will also give you a tutorial on how to use your new platform. Make sure to ask any questions you have!

Small Business Point of Sale System Green Bay Wisconsin

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Point of Sale

It’s time to upgrade your point of sale system. You don’t have to have a significant business to benefit from new POS software and hardware. Join the thousands of happy customers that use Harbortouch to process payments in their companies. Don’t fall behind the curve, as the business world grows increasingly competitive; it’s more important than ever that you upgrade your POS and get a new solution. Harbortouch requires no upfront cost or investment; it is the most risk-free POS system available to Green Bay business owners.  Not sure what the best option is for you?  Check out our free point of sales systems here.

  • No Upfront Costs
  • Lifetime Hardware Warranty
  • Built-For-Purpose Hardware
  • Cloud-Based Reporting
  • Comprehensive Training
  • NFC, EMV, Apple Pay

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