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Harbortouch offers best-in-class merchant services for all business types. Accept all major credit cards and debit cards with EMV, mobile wallets, and NFC (Contactless Payments). We have the lowest processing rates guaranteed with SimpleChange. Get free credit card processing equipment when you signup for a merchant account!

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Credit Card Processing Services - Lowest Rates

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Credit Card Processing with the Lowest Processing Rates and Free Equipment!

New! Find out about our Cash Discount Program where the customer pays the processing fees! Harbortouch now offers high-risk merchant accounts.

Most credit card processing providers offer a wide range of support for the major credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.  However, now days accepting only the major credit cards isn’t enough to meet the customer demand of payment options.  As a business owner, you need the ability to be flexible with accepting payments.  Customers expect the ability to use EMV chip cards and even contactless (NFC) mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Harbortouch merchant services enable you to accept all the major credit cards, debit cards, and the latest in payment processing technology.  Establishing a merchant account with Harbortouch is simple.  We offer free equipment, or if you prefer, you can use your credit card equipment, and our goal is to give you the most competitive rates.

If you’re an existing business and already have a history of payment processing, we will review your current processing fees and rates to make sure you are receiving the lowest prices possible for your business type.

Payment Options and Security That’s Second to None

EMV Chip Card

Accept EMV Chip Cards

What is an EMV chip card? EMV chip card technology is a payment method that enhances security for credit and debit cards with an embedded microprocessor. As the new global standard, it increases security by protecting your customer’s cardholder data and helps to protect your business from chargebacks.  If you’re a merchant who does not accept EMV credit card payments, you run the risk of chargebacks, and you may acquire increased liability for any breach of data. With our free EMV solutions, Harbortouch can keep your business safe and secure! Harbortouch’s restaurant POS system now comes with a free Ingenico iPP320 EMV terminal that is fully integrated into the POS with tip-adjust!
Accept Mobile Payment

Accept Mobile Payments

Let’s face it; there’s no excuse ever to turn away customers because you don’t accept NFC (Near Field Communication) and mobile payments.  Customers are ever-widening how they make payments and expect retailers and restaurants to accommodate their payment needs.  With Harbortouch, you’re NFC enabled and mobile-ready as payment options which means your customers can pay with their smartphone using a mobile wallet like Apple Pay™ or Android Pay™.
point-to-point encryption (p2pe)

P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption)

P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption) is payment solutions standard established by the PCI Security Standards Council to protect customer’s data.  When it comes to secure payment processing, Harbortouch’s PCI-validated P2PE solution protects your customer’s data and helps to protect from the costly event of any data breaches.  Protection is accomplished by preventing cardholder data from ever entering the payment environment, which not all processors can do.  Many credit card processing companies claim P2PE, but there are only a few that are PCI validated like Harbortouch.
tokenization security layer

Tokenization Security Layer

Harbortouch’s parent company, Shift4 Payments, is the inventor of tokenization.  Shift4 has processed billions of tokenized transactions since the inception of this fantastic new technology. The way it works is Harbortouch’s tokenization solution takes cardholder data and replaces it with random alphanumeric values, and this delivers the best possible solution available on the market to protect merchant sensitive data.
Authorize Net Logo

Authorize.Net e-Commerce Payment Gateway

Need an online payment method to accept money through your eCommerce website?  With Harbortouch merchant services, we offer a secure payment gateway utilizing Authorize.Net to process online payments.   Authorize.Net is the leading virtual merchant provider for processing internet transactions.   The Authnet Gateway service comes with free fraud detection, a customer manager, recurring billing and QuickBooks Sync.

Integrate your website seamlessly with an e-Commerce solution that has many great features.  If you have an online business only or are a brick and mortar merchant looking for new ways to generate sales online, then Authorize.Net is one of the best online virtual merchant account solutions.

Authorize Net Logo
Harbortouch Lighthouse

Harbortouch LighthouseTM – Online Reporting

Most merchant providers only give you access to your data on your local equipment or even worse directly from your credit card terminal.  With Harbortouch Lighthouse, we give you direct access online to your merchant account data 24/7, so you always have up-to-date information about your financials.  Our online reporting system provides details such as batches, transactions, chargebacks, and bank deposits.  When you sign up for a free Harbortouch POS system, you’ll have the ability to update your menu or products remotely, and you’ll also be able to run all your financial reports online with the touch of a button.

Harbortouch Gift Cards and Loyalty Program

Gift and Loyalty Card Program

Get 50 free fully custom gift cards and a 60-day free trial when you sign up for a merchant account with Harbortouch.  You can quickly create your gift cards with your custom images or choose from a large selection of gift card templates that are professionally designed.  Our gift and loyalty program integrates with our POS systems, or you can use a stand-alone credit card machine. If you need to transfer gift or loyalty information from another POS, we can accommodate the transfer in most cases, so you don’t lose any data.  Visit our POS faqs to learn more.

With our Lighthouse online platform, you’ll have the ability to select your card template or upload your image to customize your gift cards according to your business needs.

Harbortouch Gift Cards and Loyalty Program
Check Guarantee Machine

Check Guarantee Services

Avoid the dreaded bounced checks and associated bank fees as a result of checks with NSF (nonsufficient funds).  Harbortouch check guarantee services will scan customers’ checks and alerts you of NSF or negative check risks.  Our check system will review the check against a database of negative check writers and warn you before it’s too late.  Also, with our check conversion services, your “good” checks will always be deposited into your bank automatically so that you can make fewer trips to your bank.

Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance

With a business cash advance from Harbortouch, you can get the working capital your business needs without having to approach a bank or worrying about the long-term credit card interest charges.  By leveraging your existing assets and your future credit card processing receivables, you may qualify for up to $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars) in cash advance services.

While there are many ways to get financing for your business, it’s always a good idea to look at all your options before finalizing your business financing needs.  A short-term financing solution from Harbortouch is often an overlooked source that can help you get the working capital you need for your restaurant or retail business.

Business Cash Advance
ATM Machine Business

ATM Business Solutions

As a total merchant service provider, Harbortouch also offers an ATM (automated teller machine) solution. Our ATM machine solution includes the equipment, installation, cash replenishment and payment processing. With an ATM in your business, you can increase the presence of people with more foot traffic while creating the opportunity to generate more revenue from surcharges with the ATM.

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