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These demonstrations are hosted live by Harbortouch University and give you the ability to ask
a knowledgeable trainer any questions you may have about Harbortouch POS products.

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Do you want to know if Harbortouch is the best solution for your business? Do you have specific questions you’d like to ask a Certified Harbortouch Specialist before you decide if Harbortouch is right for you?  While Harbortouch is an excellent fit for many business types, we know that it might not work for everyone, in every situation.

For that reason, we offer a very informative and live Harbortouch Demo of all our point of sale products. We believe it’s vital to see the product in action to appreciate all the functions and features you’re going to get.  You’ll have the ability to ask all your questions and get responses from real POS specialists that train customers in every business environment imaginable.

The online demo will only take about 45 minutes, which is a small amount of time when it comes to the success of your business.  So no matter which POS product you’re interested in learning more about, complete the questionnaire above to get a demonstration of Harbortouch, so you have all the information you need to make a smart buying decision.