Financial Crimes 101 Guide - most common types

Financial Crimes 101: The Most Common Types of Fraud and Scams

Financial crimes have become a serious issue globally. These illegal activities involve money laundering, embezzlement, cybercrime, identity theft, Ponzi schemes and other forms of fraud that defraud millions of people every year. As financial crimes continue to impact individuals and businesses alike, it’s important to be aware of the following seven types of financial crimes and the shocking facts about them.

SafeOpt: The Game Changing Solution for eCommerce

SafeOpt: The Game Changing Solution for eCommerce

Running an eCommerce business is a very dynamic job with many ups and downs. No matter how familiar we are with this type of business, there is always something new on the table. There are always some new solutions and innovations out there that no one expects. SafeOpt is a business that offers one of the game-changing solutions to the world of eCommerce in an exciting way that not many people think about.

Top Things to Consider Before Applying for a Loan

Financial Guide: 5 Things To Consider Before Applying For A Loan

It can be intimidating to submit a loan application. It’s important to consider all of the details that come with taking out such a large financial responsibility and make sure that you are making the right decision. This blog post will explore some things to consider before applying for a loan – from understanding your credit score to researching the lender – to help you make the best decision.